Dr. G. Michael Durst, developer of the internationally acclaimed seminars, “Management By Responsibility,” “Taking P.R.I.D.E.” “Being A Responsible Entrepreneur” and “Client-Centered Selling,” has a broad background in both education and management.

His extensive professional experience includes corporate human resource development, university teaching and administration, sales training, corporate consulting and as an international speaker.

Karel Vermeulen is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, published author, and business results coach registered with COMENSA, SA Business Coaches, as well as a registered NLP Practitioner with the American Union of NLP (AUNLP).

He holds a bachelor’s degree in counseling. Currently, he is in the process of also becoming a licensed and accredited international business coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) which he will accomplish by mid-November 2021.

He is passionate about inspiring and educating people across the globe to live a purposeful, inspired, and successful life as he beliefs and knows this to be true that everyone is 100% responsible for their own success and that life happens because of us, and not against us,

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