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What our customers say about us

  • His process to understand me, I mean really understand me, means that now I already have a greater self-belief, in what I have accomplished and a solid base to improve weekly. I have clear actions, a framework for two businesses, and the confidence to move forward with greater purpose.
    Andrew Patterson
  • I signed up to his business coaching and Wow! He truly is remarkable. Totally committed and dedicated. I love how he is so invested in me that he doesn’t watch the clock and when we finish a session he always asks “did you get value today, Lisa” I love learning from him and taking his tried and tested approach and using it in my life. If you truly want to take your business to the next level Coach Karel is your man.

    Lisa Rouhana
  • I have struggled for a long time to verbalize my purpose and create a brand identity congruent with who I am. After my first coaching session with Karel Vermeulen i have started both of these and so much more. I go for coaching because of the major breakthroughs made each session.
    Sameer Charles
  • As you know we targeted 4000 staff for the MBR process, across 7 regions. The fascinating part of the story is the following:

    “In the three regions where the senior management embraced MBR as part of their philosophy and drove it, we experienced the greatest profitability and improvement in all-round performance.

    “This should however not be surprising as the basis of MBR is absolutely based on truth.
  • “All of us who attended MBR experienced it as a tool for self-analysis in our personal and professional lives. Some of us experienced MBR as life-altering.
    Time Magazine

  • MBR was a valuable seminar which gave me an opportunity to assess where I am now and determine how to get to the level of full responsibility. 
    “In short, there are many areas of my personal and work life that are working more smoothly since MBR. I plan to continue incorporating the MBR concepts into my life. Thanks for making this excellent course available. It was wonderful!
    Department of Defense
  • Thank you so much for all the sessions we had, I always leave the session a better person. I  appreciate your continued commitment throughout all our sessions and the valuable advice you give (because I also prefer directive coaching). 

    You are always fully prepared for our sessions and go the extra mile.  Also love your application of NLP methodologies.  I look forward to working with you in the future, thanks again  

    Rebone Modiba

    Department of Defense
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