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We belief that every person is 100% responsible for their success and failures in life as life happens through you and not against you.

Success Growth Academy is suited for everyone who wants to grow their business as well as themselves. With 24/7 access online studies are designed for students whose scheduling commitments would otherwise make it difficult to enroll in a full-time education program. We offer individual, and group courses as well as various business coaching programs. A certificate of completion will be issued after each successful course completion. The resulting qualification a graduate receives after successfully completing.

What You Will Get

  • Online certification after completion of each course.
  • Online courses with full discount systems.
  • Interactive videos course, downloadable cheat sheets in pdf format, quizzes, and everything that you will need to equip you to grow in your field of study.
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to your course of choice as well as your team special access in this competitive business world.
  • Inbound coaching with private one-on-one coaching if that is what you require with one of our professional coaches to tackle these demanding challenges while holding you accountable to grow and succeed.

Access From Any Device At Any Time

  • Easy access from your laptop, desktop, iPad, phone, or tabled
  • User-friendly design at our fingertips.
  • No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection Karel Vermeulen and his professional team of coaches will be able to teach and help you.

What Our Clients Say

Andrew Patterson

His process to understand me, I mean really understand me, means that now I already have a greater self- belief, in what I have accomplished and a solid base to improve weekly. I have clear actions, a framework for two businesses, and the confidence to move forward with greater purpose.

“As you know we targeted 4000 staff for the MBR process, across 7 regions. The fascinating part of the story is the following: “In the three regions where the senior management embraced MBR as part of their philosophy and drove it, we experienced the greatest profitability and improvement in all-round performance. “This should however not be surprising as the basis of MBR is absolutely based on truth.”

Lisa Rouhana

I signed up to his business coaching and Wow! He truly is remarkable. Totally committed and dedicated. I love how he is so invested in me that he doesn't watch the clock and when we finish a session he always asks "did you get value today, Lisa" I love learning from him and taking his tried and tested approach and using it in my life. If you truly want to take your business to the next level Coach Karel is your man.

“Time Incorporated has now been sending its Supervisors and Managers to your Management By Responsibility seminar for seven months. “All of us who have attended the seminar are impressed with the Seminar Director, Michael Durst. He was able to effectively communicate the many new ideas and philosophies of MBR and was well prepared and enthusiastic. “All of us who attended MBR experienced it as a tool for self-analysis in our personal and professional lives. Some of us experienced MBR as life altering.”

Sameer Charles

I have struggled for a long time to verbalize my purpose and create a brand identity congruent with who I am. After my first coaching session with Karel Vermeulen i have started both of these and so much more. I go for coaching because of the major breakthroughs made each session.

“MBR was a valuable seminar which gave me an opportunity to assess where I am now and determine how to get to the level of full responsibility. The concepts are put together in such a way by Dr. Durst that they have greater meaning than before and provide a practical method for personal growth. “I find that I now look at situations and my job in a different light. I’m responding more often than reacting to problems, and I think in terms of taking my 100% of the responsibility for situations. “In short, there are many areas of my personal and work life that are working more smoothly since MBR. I plan to continue incorporating the MBR concepts into my life. Thanks for making this excellent course available. It was wonderful!”

Meet Our Team

Karel Vermeulen


Karel Vermeulen is a successful entrepreneur, business coach, published author, and currently busy with his COMENSA international accredited business coach and NLP Practitioner certifications. He is passionate about inspiring people globally to grow and have success in all life’s areas. He beliefs that everyone is 100% responsible for their own success and that life happens through you not against you. Read More

Dr. G. Michael Durst


Dr. G. Michael Durst, developer of the internationally acclaimed seminars, “Management By Responsibility,” “Taking P.R.I.D.E.”  “Being A Responsible Entrepreneur”  and “Client-Centered Selling,” has a broad background in both education and management.  His extensive professional experience includes corporate human resource development, university teaching and administration, sales training, corporate consulting and as an international speaker. Read More.


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