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Interview on Voice of America

Has your business plateaued or are you feeling stuck?
An inspiring new book written by 18 game changing leaders ‘Play The Game, How To Win In Today’s Changing Environment’ provides ideas and motivation to break the cycle that stunts your business growth. In the words of Marshall Goldsmith “This book will radically change the way you see your business!”. Adam Strong, corporate productivity authority, entrepreneur, athlete, coach, speaker, and trainer persuaded a cohort of (in Adam’s word’s International Game Changing Leaders) to contribute a thought-provoking chapter each.
In this special interview, Adam and I will be joined by fellow contributors Branka van der Linden, Haroon Danis and Karel Vermeulen, as we discuss topics such as self-healing, franchising, the secret sales ingredient, asking for help and my own chapter on elevating your leadership.

NEW Arrivals

The latest from our company

Sales Profit Mastery

Success Growth Academy Is The Newest Business and Personal Training Academy In The World.

This program is specifically designed and formulated to help anyone to overcome their fear of selling while raising their confidence. Nobody is born a leader, and nobody is born a great sales professional.
We offer an extensive sales training and personal development curriculum on the web today that you can complete within the comfort of your own time. Karel Vermeulen is your personal sales and life coach 24/7 while Dr. Michael Dust will help you and your management team to thrive in your positions ensuring you can finally reach your full potential. Every professional regardless of their expertise and genre, train everyday and have either a mentor, coach, and or consultant to guide, and hold them accountable so they can be on top of their game. Are you ready to step up to be at the top of your game?
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