Building Your Leadership Toolbox: Based on MBR by Dr. Michael Durst Ph.D.

We’re all searching for ways to live life to its fullest, be the best in our careers, and lead effectively. But what are the concrete steps to get you there? Business professional, Coach John Wandolowski had the same question. In his first supervisory position, Wandolowski became a student of Dr. Michael Durst’s revolutionary Management by Responsibility concept. Through years of studying and putting these concepts into practice, Wandolowski, a successful business leader and teacher in his own right, has devised a strategy for achieving more. Using the premise that “we are responsible for everything in our experience, whether we like it or not,” Wandolowski teaches empowering methods that will inspire others and give new and experienced leaders the confidence to level up their careers. Understanding that work and business are based upon human interaction, Building Your Leadership Toolbox introduces strategies that you can begin applying right now to supercharge your business.



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