Management By Responsibility – Book



Author: Dr. Michael Durst

 Indeed, it begins and ends with you. Most management seminars teach business theory and the latest management techniques. Their intent is to increase your managerial knowledge assuming that such knowledge will make you a better manager.

Management By Responsibility is different. Available in book format as well as one of our online courses. The purpose of MBR is not to increase your knowledge about management. The true purpose of MBR is to expand your wisdom. Once you become aware of what makes life more satisfying and productive that very wisdom will create a better management style. The more successful you are as a person, the more successful you will become as a manager because your management style directly reflects you.  This is what MBR is all about: how life works, and how your job as a manager is part of that process.

There’s no question about which factors lead to success; the real question is how to achieve it. MBR projects that positive changes occur a function of taking total responsibility. This focus provides not only increased knowledge but also the impetus to change. By doing so, it will direct you to greater awareness, satisfaction, and fulfillment in your role as a manager.


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